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China bearing industry development and innovation ability
Oct 25, 2016

Since most enterprises in the construction and operation of innovation systems, research and development and innovation funding, human resource development is still at a low level, coupled with industry-oriented research institutes toward enterprises, the State has no input into the generic technology research, thus weakening the functions of industry-oriented research and development. Therefore, the industry "two weak-less", and that basic research is weak, to participate in international standards development is weak, little original technology, less proprietary products. Current is basically a simulation of our design and manufacturing technology, decades of consistent system. Product development capacity, as follows: while the domestic supporting rate of 80 per cent, but high-speed railway passenger cars, luxury cars, computers, air conditioners, high level support and maintenance of the mill and other important host bearings, basically imported.

2020 achieved world bearing power target, products precision, and performance, and life and reliability reached earlier abroad big bearing similar products level, major equipment supporting bearing achieved localization: design and manufacturing technology reached earlier circle outside big bearing level, has a core technology of independent intellectual property; has 3-5 home has independent intellectual property and world well-known brand, and international competitiveness strong of advantage enterprise; industry production and sales total scale ranked world forefront, 2-3 bearing sales family owned enterprises to enter the world top 10; industry concentration is over 80.

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