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Security considerations bearing tip
Oct 25, 2016

Bearing security using must to for check, check it vibration of range and voice, temperature, lubricant of situation (color and stick degrees whether has changes, whether has foreign body), remember, lubricant of dosage, must to moderate, more has waste, less has up can't due of role, in using process in the, don't over limit speed, because overheating or burn and led to damaged, if work temperature over 100 degrees, so annual on should replaced oil 2-3 times around, in transport process in the, Big and heavy of bearing must with forklift or crane handling, a, can protection good bearing, two, can prevent hit injury handling personnel, do not attempts to demolition or modified bearing, or may led to bearing ahead of damaged or equipment fault, don't let water, metal or dust into bearing internal, or may led to damaged, also has, in using bearing zhiqian, must confirmed bearing Shang of lubricant, if no lubricant, may will because overheating and damaged bearing. If you bearing must have a condition: dry, clean and free of dust from entering inside the bearing, the shade, don't let the Sun her, there must be 30cm above the ground, when you when mounting and dismounting bearings, be sure to use specialized tools. Before using these tools, please wipe clean with a clean cloth to tools, make sure cracks, burrs, breakage, defective, and so on.

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