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Imported bearings used to consider in the process of
Oct 25, 2016

Bearing other than quality, is also a very precise parts, both are high-performance bearings, if you use improper use, not only does not meet expected performance results, and it's easy to bearing damage, in terms of lubrication I am sure you have noted. Outside in addition to lubrication, bearings used in the process, there are areas that need attention, small series and today we come to investigate.

First, use the installation should carefully

Powerful punching is not allowed, not allowed to use the hammer struck bearing directly, do not allow pass through the roller pressure.

Second, the use of appropriate and accurate installation tool

Using special tools as much as possible, try to avoid using things like fabric and staple fiber.

Third, as far as possible keep the bearings and the surrounding environment clean

Even invisible to the naked eye smile dust into the bearings, also increase the bearing wear, vibration and noise.

Four, to prevent corrosion of bearings

When taking bearings directly by hand to fully wash away sweat on hands, and coated with high quality mineral oil before operation, paying particular attention to rust during the rainy season and summer.

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