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The difference between imported and domestically produced bearing
Oct 25, 2016

1, then distinguish between imported bearing noise?

With his left hand holding the bearing of the body, and then toggle coat with his right hand to make it rotate, listen to its heterocyclic ring. As most of the production conditions of the counterfeit products, full workshop-type operation, so that in the process of production of bearings into similar impurities like sand, hidden in the bearing body, so when you turn the bearing makes noise. These noises, and strictly enforce standards, and regular factory operated by the machine the maximum difference between the production of brand-name products.

2, look at the bearing surface of the roiling oil?

When purchasing imported bearings, this should pay special attention. Why? Because currently bearing Rust prevention technology with the Rust prevention technology on is very far away. So counterfeited anti-rust bearings on the bearing body with thick grease easily left, hold in the hand will feel sticky whirring.

Original imported abroad, almost can not see any traces of oil on the whole. But not on behalf of no rust, but you can't see it.

3, pay attention to whether large inner bearing uniform

Chamfering of the so-called bearing, that is at the junction of the horizontal and vertical surface of the bearing. Counterfeit bearings due to technical restrictions, the bearing edges and other parts of the process are unsatisfactory.

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