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Flange Bearings Greatly Simplifies The Structure Of The Host
Jun 05, 2017

Flange bearings, with a seat bearing, the combination of bearing description:

If you suddenly use the imported bearings, do not know anything before that need to be careful, after all, this part has a lot of equipment, if this thing is not very clear, then prone to some problems, serious Will lead to the progress of the entire work. From now on want to master the bearing is also need to spend some time, many of which are very worthy of everyone to learn, maybe later will be used.

First, the flange bearing

In the bearing there is a positioning performance called flange bearings, although this product in everyone's life or work is not very common, but in some special areas will still have a corresponding use, in this The product on the surface of the mark on the protrusion, which can greatly simplify the structure of the host, the host size greatly reduced a lot, when carrying a lot of convenience.

Second, with a seat bearing

This product is a combination of radial bearings and seats, in the following there is a floor can be used to install the screws, so in the course of running very solid.

Third, the combination of bearings

Is through two or more different forms of combination together, as we are more common to the needle. Thrust cylindrical bearings, combined bearings are used in a very different form, so the use of the process can have more different functions, so that the whole work more efficient.

Bearing temperature has increased the main reasons for the following:

First: the bearing assembly too tight will lead to bearing temperature rise;

Second: the bearing load is too large will lead to bearing temperature rise;

Third: If the bearing cage or rolling body fragmentation, it will lead to bearing temperature rise.

Fourth: Does the quality of the oil deteriorate? If the viscosity of lubricating oil will lead to INA bearing temperature increases;

Fifth: bearing race on the shaft or shell rotation will lead to bearing temperature rise;

Sixth: bearing mechanism assembly If too tight, the gap will lead to insufficient flange bearing temperature; bearing into the INA bearing should be flexible after the rotation is not a sense of blocking. If there is a clear rotation is not flexible, then the size of the axis is too large reasons,Flange bearings the tolerance to be reduced. Bearing the Union of Engineers due to bearing the relevant personnel in the control of shaft and bearing room when the tolerance should also control the roundness, the current China has a lot of manufacturers only for the relevant control of the tolerance, but no roundness control.

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