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Flange Bearings Products Have The Space To Show Technology
Oct 18, 2017

Flange bearings with flange on the outer ocean, so that the positioning of the axis is simple; no longer need the housings to become more economical. In order to obtain the bearing's low friction torque, high rigidity, good rotary precision, a small diameter steel ball is used. The use of the hollow shaft ensures a lightweight and wiring space.

Flange bearings from the printer, fax machine to monitor, in the daily use of household products have a flange bearing product display technology space. In the standard ABEC-1 level of the size and precision requirements, the production of bearings, can meet the general purpose of the product.

Flange bearings are suitable for all kinds of industrial equipment, small rotary motor, office equipment, micro-motor soft drive, pressure rotor, dental drill, hard drive motor, stepper motor, VCR drum, toy model, fan, pulley, roller, transmission equipment, entertainment equipment, robotics, medical equipment, office equipment, testing equipment, deceleration, Variable speed device, motor optics, imaging equipment, card reader, electromechanical, precision machinery, power tools and toys and so on.

The use of flange bearings is infinite, in the daily life of the large and small supplies are likely to be used. The flange bearing brings a lot of convenience to our life.

Flange bearing features and the main purpose of the product must have a simple understanding to know the maximum use of this product. In fact, the biggest feature of this flange bearing is the flanges and bearings into one. When the end of the shaft is not connected, the need to be fixed in the plane such as the board, the wall, the flange bearing shows its advantages.

In the micro-aperture miniature bearings, can be divided into ZZ steel bearing Dust Cover series, RS Rubber bearing seal RING series, Teflon bearing SEAL RING series, flange series, stainless steel series, ceramic Ball series. Miniature ball bearings have a wide range of uses. Suitable for high-speed rotation, low friction torque, low vibration, low noise requirements of the product.

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