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Flange Bearings The Normal Functioning Sound Should Be Uniform, Smooth And Not Harsh Sound
Oct 27, 2017

Flange bearings are very high precision bearing products, if the assembly is not easy, then it is easy to damage the bearing channel, causing serious damage to the bearing. So the bearing trading experts said INA bearings in the assembly when there should be a dedicated mold, can not be tapping, in the press into the shaft when only a small circle of force, pressure circle can only large circle force. Assembly requirements of the use of air pressure or hydraulic pressure in the press up and down when the mold to the outside state, if the tilt will lead to bearing damage due to force, leaving the bearing guide.

Paint rust is characterized by multiple in the sealed motor, the motor sound in the assembly is very good, but put some time in the warehouse, the motor varies greatly, remove the INA bearing a serious rust phenomenon. Many manufacturers will think that before the flange bearing the problem, through our continuous publicity, and now the motor factory has been aware of the problem is mainly insulating paint. The problem is mainly because the insulating material volatilized out of the acidic substances in a certain temperature, humidity, the formation of corrosive substances, the bearing channel corrosion caused by bearing damage. The problem is currently only a good choice of insulating paint, and after the ventilation in a period of time after the assembly. Bearings in the load on the rotor to do when the dynamic balance is easy to produce when the iron into the INA bearing internal, so it is best to do before the import bearing balance. There are some manufacturers in order to facilitate the assembly, the assembly room in the bearing room coated with some oil or grease from the lubrication effect, but often find the bearing-related staff is difficult to control the amount of good, if the oil or grease in the bearing room accumulated more in the bearing It is easy to move inside the flange bearing as it rotates. Bearing room is best not to oil or grease, such as non-coated can not be controlled in the bearing room can not stay.

Flange Bearings are widely used in the machinery industry, requiring strict accessories and basic pieces. Frequent changes in the bearing will become very troublesome, this is a failure of the performance. There are many reasons for this. But first of all, we have to know whether the bearing should be repaired by the specific method in order to judge.

1) the use of bearing operating status monitoring equipment, such as the use of iron spectrometer or SPM or I-ID-1 bearing working condition monitoring equipment to determine the bearing working status and determine when the bearing should be repaired, which is the most convenient and more reliable Methods. Such as when using the HD-1 instrument, when the pointer from the warning area close to the danger zone, and to improve the lubrication and other measures after the pointer did not return, it can be identified as the bearing itself, this time can take advantage of yet into the dangerous area When the Flange Bearings will be repaired. How far away from the danger zone began to repair, can be adjusted by the experience. The use of such equipment, you can take full advantage of the bearing work potential, timely repair of the bearings, and to avoid failure, is safe and economical.

2) the use of simple tools to monitor, do not have the equipment of the occasion, the operator can hand a round bar or wrench and other tools to resist the closest bearing the machine shell parts, the ear shame on the tool to monitor the tool from the bearing operation sound, Of course, the use of medical stethoscope can also be modified. Normal bearing operating sound should be uniform, smooth and not harsh sound, but not the normal bearing running sound there are all kinds of intermittent, impact or harsh sound. First of all to get used to the normal operation of the bearing sound, and then you can grasp the abnormal operation of the bearing to determine the sound, and then through the accumulation of practical experience, and further analysis of what kind of abnormal sound corresponding to what kind of bearing abnormal phenomenon The Bearing a lot of normal sound categories, difficult to speak, mainly by the accumulation of experience.

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