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Imported Nylon Bag Glue Roller Bearings Reduce The Risk Of Damage To The Core
Jun 05, 2017

Imported Nylon Bag Glue Roller Bearings Cots need to be installed before the use of bearings or accessories, some accessories assembly is too much trouble, the need for professional tools, may wish to buy the roller, the more the day of processing time, and indicate the manufacturer on behalf of the assembly. So that when used, you can do save the snack, save some effort!

Simple bearing installation can be installed by the printing operator itself, in the installation of bearings or accessories need to pay attention to the following points:

1, must check the shaft head, see the shaft there is no wear and burr, it is best to use thousands of caliper measurement of the shaft head, when the shaft wear more than 0.02mm, the shaft need to repair,Imported Nylon Bag Glue Roller Bearings shaft wear more than 0.02mm and burr , If not repaired, the machine at high speed when the bearing and the axis of non-normal friction, will affect the ink roller printing function caused by printing problems.

2, the bearing is best not to re-use. Bearing disassembly will damage the bearing ring, the bearing in the high-temperature lubricating oil leaked out, will lead to abnormal operation of the bearing, a serious bearing will stuck, the ball drop the opportunity to crush the press roller.

3, the correct installation of bearings. Should avoid the direct use of hammer beating bearing, bearing the seat ring is relatively high hardness steel, iron core shaft is cold-rolled steel, low hardness. If the installation of the bearing when the skew, it is easy to hurt the roller core shaft head,Imported Nylon Bag Glue Roller Bearings resulting in the iron core in the machine running wear and tear, affecting the normal function of the roller. Directly with a hammer to beat the bearing is easy to damage the bearing ring.

If you install yourself, you can use a small tool: it is recommended to use an L-shaped iron plate to assist the bearing when installed with the correct angle of the core to reduce the risk of damage to the core.

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