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Imported Nylon Bag Glue Roller Bearings Saving Costs And Improve Quality
Jul 07, 2017

Cots need to be installed before the use of Imported Nylon Bag Glue Roller Bearingss or accessories, some accessories assembly is too much trouble, the need for professional tools, may wish to buy the roller, the more the day to the processing time, and indicate the manufacturer on behalf of the assembly. So that when used, you can do provincial snacks, save the effort!

Simple Imported Nylon Bag Glue Roller Bearings installation can be installed by the printing operator itself, in the installation of Imported Nylon Bag Glue Roller Bearingss or accessories need to pay attention to the following points:

1, must check the shaft head, see the shaft there is no wear and burr, it is best to use thousands of calipers to measure the shaft head, when the shaft wear more than 0.02mm, the shaft need to repair, shaft wear more than 0.02mm and burr , If not repaired, the machine at high speed when the Imported Nylon Bag Glue Roller Bearings and the axis of non-normal friction, will affect the ink roller printing function caused by printing problems.

2, the Imported Nylon Bag Glue Roller Bearings is best not to re-use. Imported Nylon Bag Glue Roller Bearings disassembly will damage the Imported Nylon Bag Glue Roller Bearings seal, the Imported Nylon Bag Glue Roller Bearings in the high-temperature lubricating oil leaked out, will lead to abnormal operation of the Imported Nylon Bag Glue Roller Bearings, a serious Imported Nylon Bag Glue Roller Bearings will stuck, the ball drop the opportunity to crush the press roller.

3, the correct installation of Imported Nylon Bag Glue Roller Bearingss. Should avoid the direct use of hammer to beat the Imported Nylon Bag Glue Roller Bearings, Imported Nylon Bag Glue Roller Bearings the seat ring is relatively high hardness steel, iron core shaft is cold rolled steel, low hardness. If the installation of the Imported Nylon Bag Glue Roller Bearings when the skew, it is easy to hurt the roller core shaft head, resulting in the iron core in the machine running wear, affecting the normal function of the roller. Directly hit the Imported Nylon Bag Glue Roller Bearings with a hammer easy to damage the Imported Nylon Bag Glue Roller Bearings ring.

If you install yourself, you can use a small tool: it is recommended to use an L-shaped iron plate to assist the Imported Nylon Bag Glue Roller Bearings when installing the correct angle with the core to reduce the risk of damage to the core.

Rubber roller is a direct impact on the quality of spinning the most important one of the spinning equipment, which in the majority of spinning mill management and technical personnel have formed a consensus. Therefore, the enterprises on the use of rubber roller aprons attach great importance to the rubber roller apron selection, production, maintenance and other aspects of the quality of the impact of a full study. However, through years of corporate research, but found that due to new technologies, new technology, new equipment, the rapid development of new equipment and rubber roller manufacturing technology to understand the limitations of the new, often in practice there are many errors, A lot of unnecessary quality problems.

Common use of rubber roller apron errors

1. Type of roller selection

Cotton varieties as far as possible choose no treatment roller; polyester-cotton varieties as the number of blends as far as possible the use of free treatment and micro-processing roller; pure polyester varieties generally use processing roller, but the temperature and humidity control of the enterprise, optional microprocessing; Of the high quality requirements, the general use of free treatment, low quality requirements, the general selection of processing roller.

2. roller diameter selection

Select the diameter of the roller is often too large to master, or even about 36mm, good elasticity, back to the number of times, both cost savings and improve quality. The diameter of the roller is favorable for the extension of the tensile force, but the deformation of the roller is elliptical and the mechanical wave is generated, which makes the CVb value increase.

Response measures: according to their actual situation, the rational use of roller diameter. If you want to increase, but also to consider the process of supporting and grinding cycle, to avoid waste and quality deterioration.

3. roller structure selection

Aluminum liner roller pressure resistance, good stability, but the price is expensive; double-layer roller to wear a longer maturity, large tolerance exists large internal stress, easy to aging, but the price is relatively cheap.

Response measures: take the required, high quality requirements of the use of aluminum lining, low quality requirements, the use of double.

4. Selection of the rear zone roller

After the selection of the main roller with the principle of choice, the hardness is generally higher than the previous roller 5 to 10 degrees, the diameter is generally 0.5 to 1.5mm smaller than the previous roller. But for V-shaped draft, the diameter is better than the front gear roller. If you choose the old roller, the degree of rubber aging is not the same, resulting in the hardness of the rubber roller is not consistent, the results of uneven yarn weight increase and the difference between the increase in friction, while the friction sector is also easy to change the hidden dull and recessive mechanical wave The

Measures: After the roller grade is slightly lower, you can choose a slightly higher hardness, slightly smaller diameter processing roller, but V-type drawing except.

5. Apron selection

Apron selection of the general principle of the master is the soft under the hard, soft outside the hard, on the principle of loose on the use of the use of the old and new in order to reduce the use of old and new methods. One-sided emphasis on the cycle, requiring wear-resistant, so often choose the apron when the thick and hard for the principle, resulting in the upper and lower apron run is not synchronized, there nap.

Response measures: Select the apron specification according to the spinning type, the upper pin type, the pressing form and the pressing amount. Cotton is generally thinner, soft some, chemical fiber is generally thicker, hard, but must pay attention to the upper and lower with the total thickness should not exceed 2mm. Special attention should be paid to the pressure of the plate spring, due to lack of flexibility, hard pressure, so the circumference should be appropriate larger.

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