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Lubrication Of High Speed Wire Rod Rolling Mill Bearings And Seals
Oct 25, 2016

1, grease lubrication

Grease lubrication method is easy, roll change characteristics of application is very wide. Should be according to the working temperature, speed, rolling mill bearings and sealed waterproof performance, shock and vibration method of choice of size, for suitable grease. Selection of high temperature, high viscosity, very good pressure and regular factory of high water resistance grease. According to the working characteristics of rolling mill bearing containing EP additives should be selected 2#, 3#, lithium grease or polyurea grease.

Although the high cost of purchasing high-performance grease, but fewer, longer bearing life, overall costs are reduced. Amount must be the right amount of grease and fill in place, should not mix of different brands of grease, the working surface of rolling mill bearing oil film is always in the normal state.

2, filling grease amount

During the initial filling grease fill the open space inside the bearing, Edger or inclined roller bearing upper and lower cover in enough grease to fill. After each roll change to check for hardening black grease, contamination and oxidation of emulsification. If such a situation should completely replace the grease and check seals and sealing structure change or improvement; if the new fat is good to continue to use.

3, oil-air lubrication

Oil-air lubrication is the ideal lubrication of bearings, bearing at work every once in awhile the compressed air with oil drops into the bearing inside the lubricant in the bearing, air bearings run to carry away the heat, while preventing moisture intrusion bearings with internal external impurities. Oil is not spray does not pollute the environment.

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