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Non Standard Ball Bearings Reduce The Edge Of The Application, To Extend Its Service Life
May 24, 2017

Flat bearings are roller bearings and cylindrical roller composed of flat bracket, which is divided into needle roller bearings and spherical plain bearings. Its role is to maintain the needle roller and cylindrical roller flat type. When used in conjunction with different flat washers, there are different combinations of bearings. The advantage is to increase the length of the contact between the device and the device, so that the bearing in a smaller space can get high carrier load capacity and high stiffness. But also reduce the edge of the application force, to extend its service life.

Non Standard Ball Bearings are non-standard size or do not meet the requirements of the size of the bearing, that is, the appearance and design dimensions do not meet the standards of the relevant requirements of the bearing. It is suitable for some special requirements of the equipment, because the size is different from the standard bearing size requirements, it must find some bearing manufacturers custom, the production of the number of batches, and the design has some limitations, so non-standard bearing prices are generally expensive. Some of its parts, such as the size of the ball, must be customized according to the specific size.

Non Standard Ball Bearings

That is, Non Standard Ball Bearings, popular speaking, is not in line with national standards of the size of the bearings, that is, the size of the national standard is different from all the bearings.

The main features are low versatility, mostly special equipment, special occasions, small batch, new research and development equipment trial products accounted for the majority; but because of its non-scale, mass production, production enterprises and not much, the cost is high , The price is more expensive. The following are the same as the "

Standard bearings

Standard bearing diameter or outside diameter, width (height), size in line with GB / T 273.1-2003, GB / T 273.2-1998, GB / T 273.3-1999 or other relevant standards of bearing size.

Non-standard bearings and standard bearing size is not on the non-non-standard non-standard bearings, that is, according to customer requirements for the production of bearings, for example. Non-standard internal and external 49 standard 50 other what are the same. That 49 belongs to the non-standard you have to press the customer's book size structure than otherwise you know 49 is the national standard or 50.

There are different structures. For example, some steel ball roller and more. Or less. This rare, generally can be generic full name is non-standard bearings.

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