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Non Standard Ball Bearings Regular Maintenance And Regular Inspection
Sep 28, 2017

non-standard bearing maintenance, fine rough wash method.

Maintenance and maintenance of Non Standard Ball Bearings: In order to make Non Standard Ball Bearings better use and for a long time to maintain their ability, must do a regular maintenance and regular maintenance. Appropriate periodic inspections can help to detect faults early and prevent accidents from happening, helping to increase productivity and economic growth. First of all, non-standard bearing cleaning work, the Non Standard Ball Bearings removed to check, first do the appearance of the shooting record, followed by the amount of lubricant should be ensured and the lubricant sampling, and finally Non Standard Ball Bearings for cleaning.

Cleaning non-standard bearing the way:

1. Non-standard bearing cleaning is divided into two kinds of fine washing and rough washing, and can be used in the bottom of the container put metal mesh.

2. Refined Non Standard Ball Bearings, when the oil slowly rotating Non Standard Ball Bearings, to carefully carried out. The general use of the cleaning agent is neutral without water diesel and kerosene, and sometimes also need to use warm alkaline. No matter what kind of cleaning agent, must always filter and keep clean.

3. Rinse the Non Standard Ball Bearings, in the oil with a brush to clean the grease and sticky material. At this time if the rotation in the oil Non Standard Ball Bearings, should pay attention to because of foreign bodies such as damage rolling surface.

Non-standard bearing seal is not for the external seal and bring their own seal: In order to make Non Standard Ball Bearings better package in the smooth conditions and normal operating environment, can fully play non-standard bearing operation function, have a longer life , To avoid the leakage of smoothing agents and the entry of water vapor, dust or other contaminants. Non-standard bearing seal is not sealed and comes with two sealed, non-standard bearing plus the sealing of the functional equipment, is built in the equipment cover, etc. into a variety of functions inside the sealing device. And non-standard bearing comes with the seal itself is made into a sealed function of the equipment, such as seals and non-standard bearing dust cover and so on.

Non-standard bearing variety selection and smoothing agent options: first of all to understand the non-standard bearing smoothing agents and varieties, the use of smooth oil and smooth grease. Understand the Non Standard Ball Bearings in the operation of the environment, the size of space occupied. Understand the advantages of non-standard bearing shaft support layout, found the point of view error. Understand the operating temperature of Non Standard Ball Bearings. Finally understand the external seal of Non Standard Ball Bearings and non-touch and non-touch two.

Touch seal is sealed with its relative movement of the parts touch and there is a gap of the seal, all kinds of seals that the seal and the cooperation between the pieces have a direct touch, in the operation of a larger conflict, heat is also large, easy to form a smooth bad , The touch surface is easy to wear, and finally lead to the role of sealing and function, so it is only suitable for low-speed operating environment, touch seals are often used in honeycomb honeycomb and cups and other layouts, applied to different occasions, according to non- The operating conditions of the bearings and the requirements of the operating environment on the degree of sealing, in engineering design is often summarized using a variety of sealing methods to achieve the best sealing effect.

Non-touch seal is the seal and its relative parts do not exist touch mode, and there is a certain gap of the seal. This type of seal in the operation of almost no collision heat, there is no wear, the use of high-speed and high temperature environment, the abolition of the mode seal is often used in the gap type, labyrinth and washer type and other different layout, Of the singing, non-touch-sealed gap should be as small as possible to do.

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