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Non Standard Ball Bearings Safe Operation
Jul 17, 2017

Non Standard Ball Bearings that are Non Standard Ball Bearings, popular speaking, is not in line with national standards for the size of the bearing, that is, the size of the national standard is different from all the bearings. The same time as the above-

The main features are low versatility, mostly special equipment, special occasions, small batch, new research and development equipment trial products accounted for the majority; but because of its non-scale, mass production, production enterprises and not much, the cost is high , The price is more expensive. The same time as the above-

Standard bearings: standard bearing diameter or diameter, width (height), size in line with GB / T 273.1-2003, GB / T 273.2-1998, GB / T 273.3-1999 or other relevant standards of bearing size. The same time as the above-

Non Standard Ball Bearings and standard bearing size is not on the non-non-standard Non Standard Ball Bearings, that is, according to customer requirements for the production of bearings, for example. Non-standard internal and external 49 standard 50 other what are the same. It would belong to the non-standard you have to press the customer's book size structure than otherwise you know 49 is the national standard or 50. The same time as the above-

The normal temperature of Non Standard Ball Bearings varies with the heat capacity, heat dissipation, speed and load of the machine. Analysis of non-standard bearing damage causes that about 40% of the non-standard bearing damage and lubrication are related. And the motor work requires the axis can only be used to rotate the non-standard bearing temperature non-standard bearing temperature, generally non-standard bearing room outside the temperature can be inferred, if the use of oil hole can directly measure non-standard bearing outer ring temperature More appropriate. The same time as the above-

Japan, Suzhou, Non Standard Ball Bearings for now has attached great importance to the mill inspection and sealing, no oil spills; mill furnace repair process of the main part of the project in Japan, Suzhou Non Standard Ball Bearings, to cover the cover, check the expansion, if you can not solve Problem, due to the free expansion of the abrasive block, so that the hollow shaft gear ring and Japan, Suzhou non-standard bearing friction, seriously affecting the safe operation of the mill. Normally, the temperature of the nonstandard bearing rises slowly as the operation begins, reaching a steady state after 1-2 hours. The same time as the above-

Therefore, Japan, Suzhou, Non Standard Ball Bearings of good lubrication is to reduce non-standard bearing friction and wear effective measures. In addition, non-standard bearing lubrication there are heat, rust, seal, ease the impact of a variety of roles, the role of non-standard bearing lubrication can be briefly described as follows:

A. An oil film is formed between the two rolling surfaces or sliding surfaces which are in contact with each other to separate the two surfaces to reduce the friction and wear of the contact surfaces. Japan's Non Standard Ball Bearings of the rolling sound of the use of sound on the Non Standard Ball Bearings in the rolling of the rolling sound size and sound quality to check, Non Standard Ball Bearings even if there is a slight divestiture damage, but also issued an abnormal sound and irregular sound, With the sounder to distinguish. A separable ring in a non-standard bearing with two or more rows of rollers for isolating two rows of rollers and guiding the rollers. The same time as the above-

B. When using oil lubrication, especially when using circulating oil lubrication, oil mist lubrication and fuel lubrication, the lubricating oil can take away most of the non-standard bearing internal friction heat, play an effective heat dissipation. The same time as the above-

C. When using grease lubrication, can prevent external dust and other foreign matter into the Non Standard Ball Bearings, play a closed role. The same time as the above-

D. Lubricants have a role in preventing metal corrosion. The role of non-standard bearing lubrication lubrication of rolling non-standard bearing fatigue life and friction, wear, temperature rise, vibration and other important impact, there is no normal lubrication, Non Standard Ball Bearings can not work. The same time as the above-

E. Extend the fatigue life of nonstandard bearings. The same time as the above-

China's non-standard bearing industry has made remarkable achievements if the lubrication, the installation of appropriate, non-standard bearing temperature will rise abruptly, there will be abnormal high temperature, then must stop running, take the necessary preventive measures.

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