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Stainless Bearings Carrying Capacity, Good Rigidity
Jun 27, 2017

In the process of CNC machining which will often encounter some common problems of Stainless Bearings bearing heat, shaft heat, and so on, when we encounter these problems how to solve it, is to provide some common problems, we hope that we have help.

(1) bearing heat. If the bearing oil is insufficient, should be refueling, and check the oil is smooth; if the oil has impurities, should clean the bearings, replace the new oil, cleaning the filter; if the assembly is not good, journal and Stainless Bearings skew, In the bearing seat at the bottom of the gasket; if the bearing clearance is too small, should re-adjust the gap.

(2) shaft heat. If the shaft on the oil or rubber seal is too tight, should adjust the filler back cover position; if the shaft and stainless steel bearing cover radial friction, should check and adjust the shaft and bearing cover radial clearance, usually 0.25 ~ 0.3mm.

(3) less friction on the main friction surface. If the oil temperature is low, the fluidity is poor, the oil should be changed according to the ambient temperature. If the oil ring rotates slowly and the splashing oil is bad, it should check whether the oil ring is off, if the oil is jammed, Rub the edge, the oil is too high to put the oil to the standard height; if the adjustment gasket to block the oil, should check the adjustment of the gasket position.

(4) oil spill. If the oil is large, should adjust the oil supply, keep the oil standard height; if the sealing device failure, should be pressed gland, thick felt or replace the sealing material; if the bearing hole, oil, should replace the bearing Or use the lead method to block the pores.

(5) axial runout. If the bearing clearance is too large, should be removed gasket, adjust; if the rotating body (gear, tape wheel, etc.) dynamic balance is not good, should check and adjust the dynamic balance; if the bearing is not stable, should be tightened bearing bolts; Shaft installation offset large, should be in the bearing seat ground gasket, adjust the coupling installation accuracy.

Stainless steel bearing fracture failure is mainly due to defects and overload two factors. When the external load exceeds the material strength limit caused by part fracture known as overload fracture. The cause of the overload is mainly the host failure or improper installation. Bearing parts of the micro-cracks, shrinkage, bubbles, large foreign debris, overheating tissue and local burns and other defects in the impact of overload or severe vibration will also cause damage in the defect, known as defective fracture. It should be noted that the bearing in the manufacturing process, the raw materials into the factory re-inspection, forging and heat treatment quality control, processing process control can be correctly analyzed by the instrument whether the existence of defects, the future must still strengthen control. But in general, the failure of the Stainless Bearings usually occurs mostly for overload failure.

The main features of stainless steel spherical bearings with seat bearings

1. With a seat outside the spherical bearing can be in the case of two different bearing shaft work, the maximum automatic adjustment angle up to 2 °.

2. With spherical bearings with good rotation accuracy; can be easily relubricated. The clearance is larger than the same size deep groove ball bearings, so the temperature difference on its accuracy is small.

3. With spherical bearings are generally pre-filled grease, double or three lip seal form, suitable for dust, mud, corrosive media more occasions to use, conducive to the host work.

4. With a spherical bearing by the spherical bearings and bearing components. In use, do not have to design the bearing box, small size, simple structure, can be directly installed in the host design with bolts, easy to use.

5. Bearing the overall structure, bearing capacity, good rigidity, bearing and bearing can be interchangeable, that is, the same bearing can be installed all kinds of bearings; Similarly, the same bearing can be equipped with various types of bearing.

6. With the outer diameter of the spherical bearing, with "+" tolerance, with the shaft to form a gap with the inner ring on the side of the top wire, eccentric sleeve or adapter sleeve, the bearing fixed to the shaft, reducing the shaft The accuracy requirements, installation or replacement of bearings is extremely convenient.

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