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Stainless Bearings Design Principles And Standards
Jul 17, 2017

Stainless Bearings as a new bearing products, a lot of technology, In the bearing code that the international general in the bearing before the basic code plus S, to be identified: such as $ 6204 2RS, said double-sided sealed 6204 Stainless Bearings; some companies also add a suffix to be identified. Such as: FAG's Stainless Bearings, with the S + basic code + W 203B logo. China's Stainless Bearings are suffixed with H V bearing 9C r18 steel manufacturing, with the suffix HV 1 said bearing with 9C rl8M o steel manufacturing. Stainless steel bearing design and ordinary bearing design is not essentially different, but its technical requirements and standard bearing steel bearings are some differences. Therefore, in addition to the implementation of general general bearing design principles and standards, but also should pay attention to the following questions: 1) logo clear ring, cage, steel ball, rivets, seals, skeleton, grease, nail screw material grades and implementation The standard. 2) The technical requirements of each part of the map to identify clearly, to prevent the identification of the drawings to "size accuracy in line with the existing standards," "heat treatment process and hardness in line with the existing standards" and other general technical requirements. 3) the implementation of the current standard bearing with the general principles of structural parameters. 4) products from a series of design principles, as far as possible to retain the cage material, ferrule, forging blank core re-use and other low-cost production principles; given the corresponding sets of ferrule and table holder table. 5) The groove curvature coefficient f i, f e is slightly smaller than the standard bearing. 6) All surfaces and transition surfaces shall comply with the principle of smooth transition. All surfaces shall not be allowed to have acute angles, burrs and scratches, pits to facilitate rust protection. There are few reports on the rated load and life of Stainless Bearings. It is generally believed that if the heat treatment hardness of HRe60 or more, its rated load capacity should be equivalent to G Crl5 steel bearings, but because 9Cr18 contains complex carbide (Fe, Cr), C, a large number of eutectic carbides exist, The average size of the carbide particles in the organization is significantly larger than that of the GCrl5 steel (about 1O of the bearing steel), and the fatigue life of the carbide particles is lower than that of the G Crl5 steel. According to the research data, under the same contact stress, 9Cr18 contact fatigue life L IO and L50, respectively, compared with G Crl5 steel about 70% and 15%. At present, the prevailing approach is: the same bearing model 9Cr18 steel rated dynamic load and GCrl5 the same; rated static load there are two ways: one to take the same with the GCrl5 steel, one with GCrl5 steel products 75% %.

Thrust bearings are dynamic pressure bearings, to make the bearings work properly, should meet the following conditions:

1. The lubricating oil has a viscosity;

2. There is a certain relative velocity between the movement and the static body;

3. The two surfaces of the relative movement are inclined to form an oil wedge;

4. External load within the specified range;

5. Enough oil. In order to ensure the safe operation of the turbine, bearing temperature is essential for monitoring items. Thrust bearings are used to measure the temperature of the thrust pad to monitor the bearing temperature on the tiles.

Spherical roller bearing

Has two rows of rollers, mainly bear the radial load, but also can bear the axial load in either direction. Has a high radial load capacity, especially for heavy duty or vibration load work, but can not withstand the pure axial load. This type of bearing outer ring raceway is spherical, so the self-aligning performance is good, can compensate for coaxial error.

Spherical roller bearings with cylindrical bore and conical bore two.

The taper of the conical bore is

1:12 posterior code for the K-aligning roller bearings (153000 type or 113000 type) and 1:30 rear code for the K30 spherical roller bearings. Such bearings in the conical shaft with a time, the inner ring in the axial movement can adjust the bearing radial clearance. Will post code-named K, K30 tapered bore spherical roller bearings, installed in the matching adapter sets, then become post-code for the K + H-type and K30 + H-type bearings. This type of bearing can be mounted on an optical axis without a shoulder, suitable for applications where frequent installation and removal of bearings are required. In order to improve the bearing lubrication performance, the bearing outer ring car has an annular groove and has a uniform distribution of three oil

Hole, and then code-named W33.

Spherical roller bearing

Is in the two inner raceway and raceway for the spherical outer ring between the assembly of drum-shaped roller bearings. The curvature center of the outer raceway surface is the same as the center of the bearing, so it has the same self-aligning function as the self-aligning ball bearing. In the shaft. When the shell appears flex, you can automatically adjust, do not increase the bearing burden. Cylinders are used to press the cage. Polyamide molding cage and copper alloy cutting cage.

NTN self-aligning roller bearings

Is the inner ring has two rows of raceway, the outer ring for the spherical roller, rolling body for the drum bearing, outer ring raceway center and bearing center. As a result, there is an automatic self-aligning performance, even if there is an error between the shaft and the bearing housing or the shaft is wound so that the inner and outer rings are tilted.

This type of bearing to bear radial load, two-way axial load and its combined load capacity, suitable for vibration, shock load applications. In addition to the cylindrical bore diameter of the bearing, but also the production of tapered bore diameter bearings. Cone hole bearing in the basic model with the symbol "K", the general taper of 1/12, but 240 and 241 series bearing taper of 1/30, the basic number followed by the symbol "K30". Tapered bore bearings are almost entirely secured to the shaft with an adapter sleeve or a disassembly sleeve.

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